Friday, October 31, 2008

Wine of the Week

Every Friday I am going to try and review a different wine on my blog. I personally try and get a different bottle of wine every week as it is, so I thought I'd share my experiences on my blog! The only thing you will not see on here are sweet wines. I just can't stomach them. If you want a review of a sweet wine, you can call my mother.

Woodbridge "Red Dirt Ridge"

Earlier this week I picked up this wine at my local liquor store. It was right by the register on sale, of course, in order to try and catch people in a moment of weakness. And how could you resist after reading the back of the bottle?!

"It′s all about red dirt and great vines. Struggling through the rusty red soils of California′s historic Lodi region encourages Cabernet vines to develop grapes with deep color and a myriad of flavors. That′s why our Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Red Dirt Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon has layers upon layers of velvety blackberry, black cherry, violet and chocolate character. The rich, bold flavors are structured with firm tannins that stand up to hearty foods, like barbecued steak. We age the wine with a generous number of new oak barrels to infuse its dark fruit character with elegant vanilla and spice nuances."

So of course, the elegantly worded description worked and I got it. Boy am I glad I did. This was a great wine. So great, I went back yesterday and bought a case....seriously. I don't want to be out of this wine! My elementary palate has a hard time trying to describe this one. It certainly wasn't sweet but it wasn't too dry either. It had a great balance of flavors that blended perfectly with one another. In my opinion, this would be the perfect wine to serve at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think it would please many palates because it's not really too "strong". Oh, and if this wine couldn't get any better? It was $7.00/bottle! I definately reccomend this economic and overally very pleasing Cabernet Sauvignon.

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