Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rosemary Encrusted Pork Tenderloin

For my anniversary, my darling husband got me a fabulous counter top rotisserie. Since then, we've used it every Sunday, always trying a new meat. Pork tenderloin was a perfect meat to use in the rotisserie. It left the meat perfectly juicy and flavorful on the inside and nice and crisp on the outside. If you don't have a rotisserie, I'm sure that this would be just as good baked in the oven, however I didn't make it this way so I'm only going to include directions for the rotisserie. Either way, this is such a simple meal to make, but is loaded with flavor.

1 pork tenderloin
Aprox. 1-2 tsp dried rosemary, minced
3-5 fresh sage leaves, minced
garlic powder
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you have a flavor injector, combine 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, pepper and garlic powder. Inject into pork loin in various places. If you don't have a flavor injector, you can skip this step and move on to the next. In the same bowl (or a new one), add an additional 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, along with the minced sage and rosemary. Add another pinch of salt and pepper to the oil mixture, and stir to combine. Slather over entire tenderloin until completely coated. Fit tenderloin onto rotisserie skewers according to manufactures directions, and cook for about 45 minutes or until the middle of the tenderloin registers 160 degrees. Remove from rotisserie and let rest for 5-10 minutes. Cut into aprox. 1/2" slices and serve warm.


Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! I have a TON of rosemary I ned to use, too! looks like a perfect dish for me

Kerstin said...

I love the rosemary and sage together - yum! You've reminded me that we don't make pork tenderloin enough.

Colleen said...

I love making pork tenderloin - so flavorful and delicious!

Bugaboo said...

Can we talk about how absolutely delish this recipe was!??! I made it this past weekend and although I didn't think I was a huge rosemary fan, the combo was awesome. We had to switch it up and use fresh rosemary and rubbed sage, but it worked out so well. And our rotisserie made it all crispy on the outside while keeping it moist inside. Thank you so much for this simple yet elegant and delicious recipe!! 2 thumbs up and 5 stars! ;o)


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