Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Since taking the Wilton class this past year, I've become much more comfortable with royal icing. So this year, I decided to decorate my Christmas cookie cut-outs in royal. For the snowflake design, I was totally inspired by these Gingerbread Snowflakes on Good Things Catered which are stunning. Overall I am pleased with the results, but doing so many different shapes and using so many different colors made this project very time consuming. Next year I still plan on using royal, but I think I will cut down on the quantity of different shapes and will allow more time for decorating. For my sugar cookies, I used this recipe which really has turned into my favorite in terms of taste and texture. They also freeze really well.


Anonymous said...

OH YAY!! They are sooooooo beuatiful! I am loving the blue and white combo! I haven't made my christmas ones yet, but I am thinking of using this color combo now! :)

Maryanna said...

Your cookies are absolutely gorgeous. I bet you could sell them. :)

Maria said...

Your cookies are so pretty!


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